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CFA Co-founders Helen Fuller and Becky Dees helped train educators from across the nation and the globe – including from as far away as Kuwait, Norway, Japan and India – at the TEACCH Autism Program’s 30th annual Five-Day Classroom Training in Chapel Hill.

Every year, UNC’s TEACCH Autism Program provides teachers with a hands-on opportunity to learn directly from students with autism in a demonstration classroom setting. Participants observe, assess and teach skills to students in the classroom and in the community all while using the Structured TEACCHing principles of physical structure, schedules and work systems. As always, we feel we learned as much from the students as they learned from us.

CFA’s service complements the strategies offered through trainings like the TEACCH Five Day Training. We were grateful for the opportunity to share the online tools and examples of CFA’s teaching materials with training participants. Teachers were struck by the time-saving benefits of having access to hundreds of teaching materials that they can download and customize for their students.

We are always pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated group of TEACCH trainers and look forward to next year!