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Over the last several weeks, we've had the pleasure of spending time with several of our subscribing school teams across North Carolina. Teachers at Orange County Schools,  Union Academy in Monroe, and Voyager Academy in Durham gave us warm welcomes as we joined them each for a day of hands-on training.

During our visits, we were pleased to share our new Student-Centered Problem-Solving strategies with school-based teams as we applied the three step process to students in their schools. In addition to sharing these newest resources, we had the chance to learn from individual teachers about the joys and challenges of their jobs. We always value the feedback of our users as we expand the content on the site and improve the quality of our users' experience.

Teachers are enjoying the ease of use of the CFA site and are consistently finding that the goals and materials are effective with a wide variety of their students. "I like how everything I need is right there. I feel like I can grab and go, and I can use it for multiple students and multiple lessons," says Kathryn Dyer, an EC Teacher at Union Academy. Our goal is always to support the best practices of educators and improve instruction for students with diverse learning needs. To learn how your school can partner with Connections for Autism, click here.