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Students with autism often struggle with broad concepts - the more abstract the concept, the more difficult for a student to grasp it. Too often, large concepts evade students because the language to describe such concepts is so abstract and indefinite, or because the concept offers no entry point for the student to gain a foothold. IEP teams can become stumped by teaching broad, abstract concepts, both in setting clear goals for the student and measuring the student's progress toward those goals. At Connections for Autism we designed our 400+ IEP goals to specifically address the learning styles of students with autism, while aligning to Common Core Standards for all grade levels. In our development process we kept in mind two guiding tenets:

  • Attainability and Measurability: a student should be able to complete an individual goal within a school year, and the goal should be clearly quantifiable so as to be easily measured by the IEP team
  • Individual Skills Build Overall Concepts: a student can learn individual skills that are each components of a broader concept, and so learn the general concept

CFA created all materials to align with and assist in the instruction of specific goals, and these resources are intuitively linked to the relevant goals on the site. Materials are downloadable and can be customized by teachers to fit student needs, interests and learning styles.

Watch the video to find out how CFA's goals and corresponding materials simplify and clarify the learning of abstract concepts for students, and equip teachers with the tools to increase student success.