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Assessment and progress monitoring are necessary and invaluable parts of tracking a student's skills and progress. Teachers face the challenge of being overburdened by paperwork, while many feel under-equipped with the tools necessary to collect, report, analyze, and best use their data.


The value that Connections for Autism provides with its progress monitoring tools are:

  • centralized and online
  • directly tied to specific goals and objectives
  • accessible to all IEP team members
  • simple to fill out, view and share

Connections for Autism also provides informal skills assessments which give teachers a starting point for instruction and allow for development of meaningful, realistic teaching objectives. From there, differentiated instruction can be developed and implemented. Student progress is graphed in real time, and progress reports can be emailed to share with relevant team members, including families. With skills assessments and easy to use progress monitoring, CFA gives your team the essential tools to effectively track and report student outcomes.