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Amber Izrael is an experienced EC teacher who knows that to help students thrive, instruction and materials must be designed with their learning needs and particular skills in mind. As a teacher, she relies not only on her knowledge of autism, but also on her creativity, intuition, and a unique understanding of who her students are as individuals. CFA has utilized Amber's knowledge about differentiating materials to deliver to users an extensive array of supports that can be tailored and customized to better and more efficiently meet the needs of their students. 

Amber has taught elementary and middle school students both in inclusive as well as self-contained settings. She was the 2012 recipient of the Teacher of Excellence Award for the North Carolina Council of Exceptional Children. She has received professional training through TEACCH Autism Program as well as Reading Foundations, Thinking Maps, behavior management and IEP development. She represented her district in providing training at the CEC conference on using Smartboard Technology with students with moderate to severe disabilities.