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Each week, CFA would like to introduce our contributors so you can directly hear from the professionals who have contributed to the extensive resources on our site. Rena Dadolf, a Speech-Language Pathologist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has worked in a variety of settings throughout her career, including university clinical/research settings, private practice as well as the public schools. She has spent much of her career working specifically with students with autism spectrum disorder. She has facilitated social skills groups, parent support groups, as well as peer-mediated instruction. In the video, Rena discusses her role on the IEP team, her thoughts on the challenges IEP teams face, and how an organized platform like Connections for Autism could have an important impact on a team's ability to better serve and support students.  Using the expertise of our virtual team and our database of instructional materials, you can optimize CFA to more efficiently and effectively support and empower your students.