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Monday means: back to the grind, and back to bringing you more content! To start your week off right we've got another roundup of our Instagram posts from this past week. We still want to give you a choice mix of materials for academic skills and daily living, behavioral, and social skills, to show the range of materials we offer on the CFA site. This week we took a look at several ways to work on name recognition. We've also previewed some materials to help with chores, and a few examples of materials that can assist a student in recognizing when a task is finished or complete, one of the more difficult concepts for students with ASD to grapple with. Finally we're testing out showing some resources in video format, with snippets from a couple of flip books. The first video was from some adapted materials for the exemplar text "Pancakes for Breakfast". Using visual supports and materials for more complex texts allows more concrete students the chance to engage in texts they might otherwise not be able to access. The second video was of a few pages of a fire drill flipbook that would assist students in handling this unexpected and possibly overwhelming scenario. Follow us on Instagram to see all our content daily during the week, and look through our past posts which are all archived in our profile. Have a great week everyone!