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The wonderful weekend is here again, and our roundup returns as well! As per usual our selection from the materials vault covers a range of learning scenarios including:

  • Problem Solving - break down what can seem insurmountable problems into step by step processes
  • Group Work - introduce students to this all important academic skill with assigned roles
  • Meal Times and Drying Clothes - help students form daily routines by using corresponding visuals to tasks
  • WH Words - practice phonetics with special interests like princesses!

A fun, interactive way to practice WH words! #ASD #autism #connectionsforautism #literacy #communication

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Our materials can be used throughout the year, in the classroom, at home, and out in the community, so don't be afraid to try new strategies even while on break. Stick around this summer because we'll be back every week with more content and more ideas for both parents and teachers. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates throughout the week!