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We hope everyone had a fantastic week as school winds down and summer keeps inching towards us. Even when the school year ends the Instagram posts keep rolling on, so stay in touch with us throughout the summer for some content ideas for the coming year, as well as resources that can help students around the home. This week we looked in our toolbox and pulled out some materials that focused on a range of classroom and daily living skills. Help students learn the basics of navigating school activities with sequences for recess and exercise time, comparing two numbers, as well as starting and finishing work. Communication and emotions can often befuddle students, and social narratives in addition to highly organized visuals can break down interactions like asking and answering simple questions, or more abstract concepts like how emotions affect our behaviors. Enjoy the weekend, y'all, and if you haven't already follow us on all our social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Compare simple number sets using clear images and organization of materials #autism #ASD #connectionsforautism #visualsupports #matheducation

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