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Another week in the bag, another great collection of template materials for you all to browse through! This week we've previewed supports for understanding more abstract concepts such as downtime and future events, as well as materials to help students learn life and social skills.

    • Monday, we looked at visuals and explanations for assisting students in "taking a break," using clear choices and expectations to help students take advantage of periodic downtime. When given structure and supports, 'taking a break' can actually be more relaxing. 
    • Next we tackled the classroom management topic of teaching hand raising as an appropriate way to engage in classroom conversation, with both social narratives and visual cues that the student can use to signal to the teacher that they want to contribute. 
    • We didn't forget the little guys, and we wanted to show how simple, interactive materials can help teach Pre-K students basic body part identification. 
    • Finally we rounded the week up with a few life skills, both in assisting students to handle the abstract concept of future events with calendars, as well as more basic, everyday chores like sweeping. 

Use simple visuals and interactive materials to teach body parts to little ones. #autism #ASD #connectionsforautism #PreK #matching

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We hoped you found one or two sets of supports that you can use in the classroom or at home. Follow us on Instagram if you haven't already, and we'll see you next Monday, with some more of our favorite materials! Have a great weekend!