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After eight weeks of intensive work with Groundwork Labs in downtown Durham, it's safe to say we're a different company – and a better one.

We were honored to be accepted into the business accelerator this spring, along with six other tech startups. We weren't quite prepared for how exhilarating, challenging and fruitful our time would be.

The Groundwork Labs team, led by Director John Austin, helped us hone our mission and our message. We now have a much clearer vision for how our product can truly make a difference in the lives of teachers and their students.

At times it was a difficult process, and we're grateful to John and everyone at Groundwork Labs and NC Idea for their guidance. We're more confident than ever about our company's potential.

Groundwork also led us to so many brilliant people across the Triangle, who were incredibly generous in sharing their expertise in marketing, sales, branding, finance and legal matters.

It was our first time truly being immersed in the startup culture, which places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurs helping one another, sharing their hard-won wisdom.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following:

  • John Austin: groundworklabs.com
  • Thom Ruhe: ncidea.org
  • Sarah Williams: groundworklabs.com
  • Tim Huntley: personalizedlearninggames.com
  • Jonathan Prinz: jjprinz.com
  • Justyn Kasierski: hutchlaw.com
  • John and Krissa Sotomayor: sotoip.com
  • Terry Conlon: entredot.org
  • Esther Campi: campiandco.com
  • Laura Baverman: exitevent.com
  • Ricci Wolman: writtenwordmedia.com
  • Scott Barstow: scottbarstow.com
  • Tom Collopy: malartufunds.us

Working with the other companies in the super-cool Groundwork Labs space at American Underground was energizing, as we learned from our peers and shared our story with them. (Added bonus: Never a shortage of excellent lunch options when working in downtown Durham!)

Check out the other companies in the summer 2016 cohort here: http://www.groundworklabs.com/#!teams/c8f4

We'll be working out of the American Underground into September. Come by and say hi and let us take you to lunch. We know a few little spots…