Consult with greater efficiency and effectiveness

Our student-centered problem-solving process gives specialists and administrators a streamlined way to consult to teachers. In 3 simple steps, consultants help clearly define behaviors, evaluate the underlying causes of the behavior and then leave teachers with valuable resources and tools to implement prescribed interventions. Administrative access also allows consultants to monitor and support teachers through shared student dashboards.

Improve teacher implementation of best practices

Teachers often leave trainings with lots of ideas, but often feel stuck when trying to implement what they’ve learned. CFA bridges the gap between training and practice by giving teachers needed resources to put effective interventions in place.


Build capacity among teachers

Our online platform gives teachers access to the most important and relevant teaching resources needed to support students. These go beyond academics to include social/communication skills, emotional regulation, daily living, and management/organization skills. We help teachers understand and connect the dots between IEP goals, data collection, and using our online resources to implement evidence-based practices.