Teachers, Meet Your Students Where They Are

You strive to provide the best learning environment possible for each student. As you well know, effective differentiation can be a challenge. EduLync helps you target your instruction to meet the unique learning needs of your students. Our platform provides an easy way to plan, create and monitor differentiated instruction for students on your entire caseload.

Individualized Instruction

Tools for Administrators and Program Specialists

EduLync's online platform allows administrators and specialists to provide a unique and dynamic support system to teachers. With EduLync, you gain access to student dashboards to allow for more efficient, more meaningful consultation. Provide support to teachers while ensuring best practices are in place.

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What Teachers are Saying

As the group of educators using EduLync is growing, users are able to save time while supporting students with individualized learning styles. Join this growing group of educators and realize all the benefits for yourself. Hear more about what our current users have to say about EduLync!

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